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From Doctors Who to Seuss: Here I am... (again)

It's mostly good stuff, don't you think?  Play sliding doors with me.

It's a funny thing, faith.  It seems in the face of resounding proof of the existence of God--swirling all around us in everything we see and do the fulfillment of ancent promises and the vision of the stories of old congealing around our great day... it is in the face of all of this proof that we seem to have lost our ability to believe.  Like the first bird and the first broken morning, I have delivered to you a message that you should have seen for yourselves.  It is a testament to our blindness that before this message was delivered very few could be sure if there was a God or not... and it is by design.  I can't tell you for sure if this was said on that very first morning, but I can be very sure that it was not heard--or we would not be here again; and this is the glory I see of the words "Last Adam" and "Last Day."   It is the moment of success, of reception and understanding of a message that is designed to save all civilzed life from the darkness of not being able to survive the natural progression of technology.  Nearly every aspect of the winter of our discontent revolves aqround the fact that these things are still hidden from us as a whole, and through that secrecy they ultimately cause regression and destruction.  Thinking about how a change in our timeline really does erase us just like Marty McFly and seeing that the replacement eventually probably competely forgets about time travel in the first place--a story never spoken--destined to repeat over and over until the bright light comes.

Freedom and proof come together.

That's what we have here, in the books of Revelation and Genesis--in the story of the maze of the Amduat; we have myths and guidasnce of repeated journies through this place in time; where this story exists to show us that we truly have no real "beginning" in the way would imagine that word--it's long been lost in the sands of time.  Here we have the story of a green-behind-the-ears God rising up out of the multitude with more questions than answers; in Atum, in Ra, in Osiris... literally a story about repeat on repeat.  Prometheus, Horus, Jesus, Joshua... Just our super hyped up Adam.   Except we've never heard it.  Along with this story, woven into every single detail is proof that can be verified that religion and time are related, and that our modern advancements in technology are a part of the foundation of Heaven; through this exposure obviously less important than things like freedom and justice.  The world not seeing this message... is a glowing sign that there's a bigger problem with censorship than you think--and that's on fire.

We now have clear proof that a number of religious names and words are set aside as a special "sample space" by religion were designed to show us the construction of language, civilization, and religion united with the purpose of delivering this message.  Let there be light.  Tying Dr. Who to the war cry who-ahare the Hebrew names of Jesus Christ and God--Yes, hua? and Ya-hu-ah.  It's about time.

It takes some vision to see how God's plan is being fulfilled--and how our story of now fixes not only the secrecy, but the things that caused it in the past.  The pyramidal social structure, media censorship, and an invasion of lies that compounded on each other and came to support the darkness like a house of cards.  It doesn't take much to see the connection between Prometheus and the U.S. in both his clearly macaronic name and the Eagle he battled to shake the chains of Samson.  In thunder, to see the connection betrween Meduas and Dave Matthew's Stone and between Taylor Momsen's "Dear Sister" and morning has broken.

We must see, we must really see that right here the promises of Exodus and those of the foundation of America are being fulfilled.  Freedom and knowledge are being handed to us, along with tools that we never would have known existed were it not for receiving this message.  It's important to see that this is the orgiinal intent and the purpose of both of those stores--Exodus and America.  Through the linguistic evidence in Hebrew proving foreknowledge of the English language and modern computing, it really becomes crystal clear that the promises of Heaven and freedom in religion focus on this unveiling of a plan that has been in action for hundreds of years.

It's clear to me that the entirety of the scriptures and ancient myths focus around this American story--put on a fiery pedistal in Genesis so that it's light will tear through the falling darkness and bring freedom to us all.  It might not look like it to you today, but we stand on the precipice of the abyss--nearly every single freedom guaranteed by the Cosntitution has been abrogated, usually by "rule of law" in my story and in your city.  Understand that this is a mutiny that threatens you and your children; and worse of all is the lack of any real public outcry against things like mass surveillance with no benefit in sight--murders child adbductiosn still happen every day under that watchful eye.  The fundamental precepts of "innocence uintil guilt is proven" and the "right to a fair trial" have been legistlated against and upheld by the highest courts here.  The Constuttion is being burned.  So here we havfe Isaac and Samson and Jeremiah and Jesus all screaming that their singular trial in superposition is designed to ensure that these things do not go unnoticed by you.

No room for both, just room for me. 
-Don't Drink the Water

Tied up and twisted to the trial, is proof that God's message is ringing freedom in the air; linking Revelation 6:1's "in a voice like Thunder" to the name of the God of Thunder and it's connection to Zeus' lightning.  To help "OR" an exemplary example of a combination of Hebrew and "Holy acryonym" in the name Thor.  The music is his hammer, and we can see how the word "Or" connects to the shining son--through another name containing hidden meaning: Nep-tune.

In the story of my life, one filled to the brim with hidden secrets, wiwsdom, and messages for our benefit--it's clear as day that this tie between the "I AM" of Exodus and the beginning of America fofcuses on right now; on this realization that we are in a virtual world and nearly Heaven--through evidence and proof that ties directly to the story of Jesus Christ.  For instance there are a number of references to chemistry elements and our modern symbosl for them in both the Old and New Testaments--tying these stories together and showing us they are intended to be read as one.  In the names Exodus and Genesis, for isntance, two of the 7 symbols that are alluded to in Revelation 1:20 and boom from George W. Bush's mouth on January 20, 2001 in "the beginning" of God's call for freedom, renewed positive evolution, and love for us.   Together, Silicon and Xenon delivering quite the message about the phrase "let there be light" which is Exodus in reverse connecting the Linux command "sudo" for "run as the God account" to the element that is used to describe an Oracle database and .. the light of an arc lamp.... to the Si-ght of the Fifth Element's connection to virtual reality and computer chips--and my initials--through the number 14 (the index of Silicon) and AMD.

All told, the 7 elements match up 1:1 with the first 7 planets--and the riddle of the mystery of the Second Coming is answered not once but over and over in our history, linking Shakesperare's name to Herod and the lightning rod that is delivering this message... to Sherlock Holmes' "it's elementary, What-sons;" from Mercury to U--this message is in itself proof, here we are.  It's answered in seeing the connection between the lines of Ecclesiates 9:11 describing the Gods from "the race is not to the swift" to "time and chance" liking Saturn and Heaven... tying 1/20 to Revelation 1:20 and 9/11 to Ecclesiastes 9:11.  On top of that fire is the light of the name of the book Exodus, and the sea parting in the word for Holy Fire.  It's so bright, and so obivous, don't you think?

It's an Iron Rod though, that sets this story of Christ apart for me--always shaking my head when I read phrase like "he will rule with an iron rod."  Here following this pattern of reading words in reverse, like the sea in Ha'esh and Exodus--the "rod" combines ... in a not unnoticed way" with the words God and good to show a #juxtaposition betrween Aaron's "let my people go" and Christ's "universal acceptance" in seeing reference to the symbo Fe, and now hearing that The Doors are For everyone.

There's so many more references to modern sience and technology concepts; things like "You are the Salt of the Earth" which ties Christ to the story of Lot in Genesis--and highlights my first wife's name, "Nanna."  Again in Revelation, the name "Venus" ties the Goddess of Love's name to the English words for "love" and "sun" which were not spoken when Revelation 12:1 called her the "woman clothed in the sun."

Yet another tie to the thunder of Thor's hammer connecting the element Uranium to the names of the God fo Sky, Uranus... the book Koran and with great lightning and thunder... the name of the religion Islam showing us just how far back and how rooted in ghlobal religion this message goes--with the explanation that the Lamb of God... is "lam."  This tie to a modern idiom just the beginning of seeing that nearly every single one of our sayings has a hidden connection to this story of Jesus Christ.  Further cenemting the link between Isa and Isaac to Samson and The Lamb we have a Nintendo game... Metroid--whose main character is Sammas Aran and had a cheat code once, "JUSTin BAILey."  In that story now, you can see the described storys of the teachings of Jesus Christ about Elisha and Elija; and then just a few days ago a clarification of the parable of Yeast--just another brick in the Yellow Brick Road to seeing that these stories are all about right now.  Well, if you read it you might see how it's also about our future.  In time, Yeast and the leavening of bread from Exodus are tied trogether through the star in the East on Matthew revealing the birth of Christ.

Through my birth sign, AMD, and the word Christ--more symbolic evidence that this story is all about Adam Marshall Dobrin.   Really understand how much of religion is focused on the events of this life on what caused them, how they reveal solutions and shine a light on issues that were just about to connect reality to 1984.




in the fire and the storm of time, power is a tool of god

in the clouds above love fills the air

and with thunder and lightning strikes a great rod

icy tears melt at sight of freedom

have your golden cow, your messiah is sod

won/'t you please take me ho-me?

1   3   5      6   4   2


on the first day of Christmikah I lit the Burning Bush and proved
Exodus predicted 9/11
on the second day I tried to explain Y, and talked a little about
God's glowing why
on the third night I shared Samson's fight, of bringing liberty back
to this land of prophesy
the fourth day was supposed to be all about heaven, but instead it was
religion and science
the fitfth day I shared with you the light of the world, at
least, how it looks to me
today is day six, the day of the creation of adam; and hear: it's
about the time the world see
"let freedom ring" and "let the music set you free" give off bright light, 
herein is the key to winning the fight


the fire of the first day still pumps through our veins, i see it
being sent every which way

           this wall of jericho, the sound of silence and the darkness
are one--all about now

please--use this bright light for it makes peace from what was once a fight

the sirens of revelation are blaring, morning bells are ringing and
all that's left is a question "who will take the prize?"
Through my birth sign, AMD, and the word Christ--more symbolic evidence that this story is all about Adam Marshall Dobrin.   Really understand how much of religion is focused on the events of this life on what caused them, how they reveal solutions and shine a light on issues that were just about to connect reality to 1984.

Inline image 1 Inline image 2 Inline image 3 Inline image 4 Inline image 5 Inline image 6

... Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception ...

 5 4 3 2 1

Sometimes; I talk a little bit about fancy high-tech ideas like "plugging google into my brain," things that I see are definately design as part of this message--and honestly, I really think that people think it's "strange."  I knowwithout doubt, because I am very sure that everything that is "of Phillip K. Dick" here, all of his works and the ideas he has presented in science fiction are really "of Sam" or God... and "for me."  I can tell you it's very clear to me because ... it's hard to get this out each and every time.
"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of him." So shall it be! Amen.  Revelation 1:7
It's so clear because both the PKD ideas, from Minority Report and it's presentation of "pre-crime" to A Scanner Darkly and it's presentation of "sous-veillance" all the way to Total Recall ... and it's presentation of "terraforming Mars" matches very clearly to a story that you too will agree is "of Sam."  It's the story of Exodus, of a world secretly enslaved, the 9/11 attack being predicted thousands of years before it happened, and about Die Bold--and an attempt to create an "electonic voting system" that in all honestly would have been nothing short of the "race" going to the machine... taking control that should be flowing like water into our cupped hands and losing it to the machinations of layers and layers of beaurocracy and apathy... as if it were "power" drawn magically to the ground, electricity to the dirt.
We know that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, [but time and chance happen to save them all]  Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?  Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 spoken on 1/20/2001 by George W. Bush
This is the solution to the mystery of the 7 stars and 7 lamp stands.  The stars you saw were planets, from the swift Mercury to the God of time Saturn and of Heaven, Uranus... showing the world the link between science and religion. Revelation 1:20 and the Last Adam
The clear pattern here is seeing everything is wrong, on purpose--with a glowing chance for real purpose on the horizon.  It's a pattern that is by design, I can assure you--I've heard His voice with my own ears explaining to me what he called something like "the teachers methods."  As you may or may not be aware, I've had a problem with speed, with trying to help us jump closer to Heaven just as fast as I can.  God's "solution" to this was to make that problem worse, artificially, and until very recently make it impossible to break the habbit.  He told me as much, in clear words--something I am trying to do for the world at the macrocosmic level where we see the same thing happening all the way back with the British East India Tea Company to the CIA in Los Angeles in the 1980's, and just a year ago with China, the United States Post Office and a good sized fraction of urban America.  This... this is his "promised Absolution" to see that these problems really are not our fault as individuals--so long as we see what kind of systemic risk comes from Hitleresque and inhumane ideas like eugenics are for .. for the concept of "civilization."  Look up, it's more than what you see here--my particular problem's code name is "Fire From Heaven," and from Prometheus to you... that's a sign of where this problem really comes from.  From us, see.  I'm showing you what it does to the future to ignore this message--it hurts us.  Listen.
I baptize you with the knowledge of Holy WaterFire, and the Angel of the Lord.  Matthew 3:11
And he said, "Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?" Genesis 3:11
On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a savage tsunami. 
Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since mankind has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. Revelation 16:8
On March 11, 2015, I was arrested after being on the lam for just about three years, during which time a great deal of the information you are reading was... "given" to me.
More on dates, and their connection to Biblical chapter and verse.. just above with 1/20. 9/11 and the book of Revelation.
I want to remid you again of how quickly our society has changed in these last few years--a little more than a decade and text messages and instant messaging on the internet have gone from a thing "of living in your mothers basement and fishing computer parts out of the trash" to ... every single one of your kids needing it every day, if not you too.  With that in mind, Amazon's Echo and Alexa, Apple's Iris, and Google's "OK" are already showing us that we don't even want to type our questions into our phones or tablets--we need to have interactive voice response--answers on demand all the time.  
Just like everything else in the science fiction portion of our message, we are being shown that we literally are being given tools, along with some food for though, and sugestions about what might be decidendly wrong.  For instance, in Minority Report punishing people as if a crime was committed doesn't help anyone--just like our prison system; A Scanner Darkly shows us exactly who should not be anoyzmied--the watchers rather than the innocent; I think you and many others around me are a good example of why "thinking you know everything" or have some secret and magical way to know what something says without reading it... is probably a mechanism of slavery rather than true.
We do "have the technology" though, we can see it forming in Obama's BRAIN Initiative, and the places that "omniscience" comes, the wayward infants of the Eye of Ra are places like Wikipedia and reddit--where you can already see corruption and censorship "changing the truth."  While "information overload" and "fake news" are also problems, what's significantly worse are a great number of supposed "reputable sources" going out of their way to hide and spin the truth.
Just like the hidden and broadly encompassing surveillance of Snowden's MInority Report and Scanner Darkly show us that these ideas that God has hidden in science fiction are very real, and the prediction of 9/11 and all of modern computing in religion have shown us time travel is actually here... we can God speaking to the world not just in science fiction but in actual science, through names
Yesterday I mentioned Larry Ellison's name connecting to Elisha and Abraham, and the Oracular "let there be light" delivered by the name Exodus in reverse.   Earlier I mentioned Bill Gates's name and it's connection to a Window into the future, the phrase "I am the gate" and The Doors.  What I am trying to point out through example is that the names that we believe were "given to us" actually have quite a bit to do with what we have done during our lives here in this generation--God has given them to us, with prescient knowledge of what it is that we will be doing.  Point in fact, as far as my "plugging google into your brain" and it's relationship to Neo "learning kung-fu" instantly in the Matrix... is it's connection to a science fiction novel about just that--a world whee the kids all have a "feed" in their heads that plugs them into the internet.  That novel is written by a man named Anderson--Neo's real name.  I point these things out and hope that we see them, but I can't be sure.
I can tell you I never saw them in th world all around me, each and every day, unitl they were pointed out to me--and then I was somewhere between awed and dumbfounded, certainly it piqued my interest in a message that otherwise--well, that I was already interested in.  What I can tell you is that once they are pointed out, if you do not think that it's a significant event--if you don't see proof, then I think you are blind.  I know there are many "spritually blind" people around me, and I hope that what I am doing is going to help us see through the darkness to a bright future.
Speaking from a posiiton of experience, actually having something similar to Neo's magical learning mechanism, I can tell you that it is not all it's cracked up to be.  That being said, just like our world and the problems illustrated in Dick's work I wouldn't go without them completely, I want to make them better.  It's feedback, cahasing dreams, and true serendipity that we have a golden opportunity to see things that were once hidden, to decide together what we think about them, and to move forward.  
One giant leap "for Adam" would be disconnecting the link between speed and omniscience; perhaps using the same technology that causes the addiction to control it, and see that there are probably many others who would be very happy with the same thing.  
I am telling you a story about my life, because I know it is designed to help you.  It hurts me that I think many of you think the world is better off hiding who I really am.
Are we having fun yet?  I still want The King's Pool at the gate to Atlantis.  I also want you to know that pool is in the BIble for a damned good reason.  Sometimes I think you think I ramble on and on but really I just want you to think and find some of these hidden treasures for yourselves so you too can be awed by the speech of a God and maybe kinda like what he says too
Take a look, we are in a book.  Tomorrow, maybe I will talk about immortality. 
And only tomorrow leads the way
I'm coming waltzing back and moving into your head
Please, I wouldn't pass this by - Oh, no
What sort of man blows by
I will bring water.
Dave J. Matthews
á §

hey there, Delilah... 


won't you take my tear away?

Inline image 4  
AN Inline image 2 KIN:  'tis  the end  of  Satan.
aw         KENT yoU CK whY.                

As if we were in need of some more links between modern art and religion, Kentucky certainly puts Superman on the map.  I spent about a year there, all alone, in what you might consider the Fortress of Solitude.  It was a single family home, Nanna left me for the last time at; I'm sure she too will turn around, as soon as she too is sure Soddom and Gommorah are not being destroyed--but are somehow part of the world being saved.  Ooh, I can see it.  To tell you that it's no surprise to me that this state's name magically changed as I walked across the boarded and tied it forever to the story of Superman is an understatement.  To explain that CK is the same thing as the "hidden n" to be revealed... perhaps a little bit more work.  Well, it's in Isaac's Hebrew name, just waiting to be unsealed.  The Story...? tis coming, too.
Y its Ha' CK?  @YitsHeyZeus!  Mor Monday.

NEW whY OR K? Inline image 4

   & whY... or is it ow?  Know... I've got "K" in my hand.

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Houston, we have a problem.

This is not the kind of message that most people "just get" by glancing at it for a few moments.  Much I write sounds some like The Boss's "we didn't start the fire," and that's not because Adam is imitating art, it's because there's not really a simple way to show people proof that spans between words, and cultures, and time... without listing them.  To really grasp the impact of what I am presenting you not only have to have a decent understanding of linear time and causality, you also have to have a working knowledge of the history of language.  On top of all of that you have to see that what I am delivering proves that the "etymology" we believe as a society to be hard and fast truth is not so true, that there is some way that a hidden influence has adultered our entire history, and in doing so has woven a message from the beginning of time to today that is designed very simply to show us the "and and" at the beginning of…

Son of Bitch! Are I clay? D is cl os ing... see the light of "singing..."

I thought I saw a pussy cat, I did... I did...

Alion, you mean. In "Aquarius:" Sea, are I us?
Son of a Nun, AmOz, and Sam.  Little brother of Reuben... and the "Lamb of God" ... isLam.

There's a long thread of "Son of's..." that connect a number of stories in the Bible to the John 1:1 statement that "God became the word."  My "postulate" is that nearly all of the stories in both the Old and New Testament are parallels or metaphors for the life of Jesus Christ.  For instance, Samson, or Sam's son and his battle in the book of Judges connects through hair and courts to the Trial of Christ.  Isaiah (connected in name to Isa and Isaac) traveled around Egypt naked, something like Adam; and his father's name is AmOz--like the HBO series and the Wonderful Wizard.  Son of a gun, you might say; or rather a Nun... which is Joshua's father--who fell the wall of Jericho and connects "Mary" and her "sea reference&quo…