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Enoch, K: NO CK... Dr. Who R near...

C the light of "to see" Silicon... in Genesis, and in simulation.  You get it right?   It's not a joke.


miercuri | y a d send everyone wisdom wōdnesdæg 

You probably don't realize exactly what "walking with God" means to me, and this story of Enoch.  It might bring to mind images of holding hands, or even footsteps in the sand (or in an endless desert) ... on long walks on the beach.  Walking with God means something different to me, though, it means that we've been here before, and even if you don't recognize it today there's plenty of evidence of that.   It should give us some solace, I imagine, you probably wouldn't want to come back here and do all of this again if the outcome wasn't desirable (Jesus: unless you didn't know it's happened over and over and over and over and over again), we should really see that what comes of this exit from slavery is more than a good thing--it's so good that we're back again to "relive the dream."  In song, you can hear it, you really can in "Morning has Broken" and God's recreation on the new day.  I could have told you "recreation" is a double entendre, and I've told you that "this is such a thrill" is a little bit of an exaggeration for how (embarrassing) it actually feels to walk down the street singing these songs (in a horrible singing voice btw) that are supposed to open our eyes to the "radio active" nature of this disclosure that ties the Guitar Man stealing the show and bread to "Going the Distance" and Cake.


Did you know we have been here before?  Well good for you.  Do you have any idea what happened then or after now?  Do you think it's smart of you to do what you are doing if you have no idea what happened, why we are back, and what we might want to... I don't know avoid; for instance losing our free will, our ability to vote, to think for ourselves, and oh; I don't know, knowledge of the fact that we are living in virtual reality.  Those are the things you are losing today, by "pretending" that keeping this kind of information "in your head" and not "on the news" is going to do anything to help you anywhere ever.  It's not.  More important than that, you are losing the opportunity to see that what is happening here and now could be used to help make the future much brighter, much quicker--you know, if you had some shining light to show us that it is in fact God doing this to help change the world--to rekindle the Eternal Flame of freedom that is dimming quite rapidly in the long arm of Lady Liberty

For those of you that are "new to n" I have plenty of religious and mythological reference to my life in the stories of Prometheus , Epimetheus and Deucalion (specifically) as well as a number of Norse guys from Thor to Heimdallr linked through things you probably wouldn't have expected to enlighten the world like mead.  These stories that tie together fire and lightning... it might come as no surprise that there's maybe " a little bit of something me" in every name of every God.   You can see Mars in my middle name, and in the Bible, in nearly every book my full name encoded over the names Saturn, Zeus, Jesus Christ, and who knows what else.... in all the right books, like Genesis, Revelation, Exodus, Isaiah.

In Egyptian myth, there's a little trinity++ connecting St. Peter and Jupiter to P'tah, Atum and Osiris along with Ra and more evidence-ish that these characters all represent the same person rising up out of the sea and ... and ... I suppose connecting the Eye of Ra to the word "iris" and "original sin" and good old Adam.   There's really no doubt at all that we've been here before, and there's plenty of record in books like the Amduat (which bears my initials) about the traversal through a maze of craziness to get from "simulated reality" (hey look, AMD and Silicon as the ADth Element and Leeloo Dallas might tie in as a kind of special key to this Matrix of "answers") to Heaven.


In "Harrison Ford" (Ha, railroad, I son... for off road (read for free will)) and ... other names and stories containing the "railroad" key that I liken to Adam's Horn (cuz actually I've heard it all before) and the spiritual journey that ends when we get off the railroad and start blazing a new trail that is not ... a circle to ... get this, right back here.   I like to think that I'm doing a better job of Ho->sea'ing up this story than the last guy, but without talking to him, and nobody else commenting on whether they've seen any of this before, it's impossible to tell.   On faith, and on musical intuition though, I do imagine that we've saved the best... for last.

... MI RR I AM, WE B ST. Everyone Really ...  from Master Blaster to Amsterdam.

w i t h   o n e   e y e   i n   t h e   m i r r o r 

There's some more songs, but the hidden technology that nobody is talking about and most likely everyone is now aware of has just taken the "memory" of which great example I had out of my head.  So instead, I will suggest you look for some on your own, there's a few--and I'll connect the Four Questions' "why is this night different from all others" and the idea of taking a dip twice in the pool of Holy Water to the Doors song L.A. Woman where Jim sings "love me two times tonight" and nobody knew it was about coming twice, and the Son of the Morning is telling you.  

Imagine Dragons mentions "walking that road before" and we hear about "Yesterday" from the Beetles, too.   So while I see that the outcome being ... destined but the current tribulation of everyone I see... is something that will deliver freedom, knowledge and understanding of technology that we really do not "get" right now (even if we think we do); and a fresh chance to build something very special in a way that is better than it's ever been done before; we are here, in this place and time  experiencing something that makes me very sad.   E, "no ch" probably means something to me that you wouldn't see either, this "ch" is something like the "sh" (the see how) at the beginning of "Shaddai" except it's something like "instant telepathetic understanding" that comes from doing something that is designed to show us how something works and ensure we never do it after that.  There's some words for that thing, "Horizon" and "Verizon" both imply that this "on a show" that I am literally seeing destroy everything around me (from free speech, to democracy to "dinner ... conversation") ends, and that ending point is the dawn of the new day.  As I walk down the street singing these song, it's hard to explain what it's like to see everyone looking back at you not with incredulity or surprise or fear, but nearly universally with this look of "understanding" as if they think that seeing me means that I am going to do something soon to "save" or "change the world."

I am not going to do anything to change the world, you are going to do it; and I don't understand how to get over this "great divide" of you waiting for something to happen to you that I keep telling you requires your participation in order to do correctly.  So I think the name "Enoch" is something similar to "everyone saying: no c how..." and so then, we might all agree that this thing that is stopping us from speaking and communicating normally anywhere--on the internet, in public, on the news--this thing is probably not a great change from our previous "world view."

re K ig &  oN
In all honesty, I think you think I'm doing it, and believe me it's not me wanting "it" or doing "it" at all.  I've spent every day trying to get people to help me, rather than "steal the show" and to break this discussion in public, the thing that I think really does break the "on" that is the heart of not just those words about morning but of Zion.  End the "i" being "on."   Closer to the truth, I think he, meaning Creation, has convinced you to "do this thing" or to want it--for whatever reason or possible end game that he might suggest individually to everyone is the purpose of this little debacle... in truth, I see him stealing the show and ensuring that "He" (now he's me and that's a strange word, in ha's-he-me-sh--the Hebrew for sun; and He-me-ra... the Greek for "day") or ... manipulating this strange darkness into being the "see how" A.D. is the Eye of Ra; while everyone see's how doing nothing is not saving the world.    I think ultimately, of utmost importance is that you all work together to "see how" ending this show will turn around the decay of normal communication and at the same time present to the world a "new truth" that otherwise could have been somewhat difficult to process, one that delivers to us nothing short of the gateway to Heaven.... that of courseis me.  I mean, working together.  ver-clad?

I hope you won't blame me, since I am pretty sure that he's done a convincing job of convincing you that you are doing it to steal something from me that I never had, that something is the same freedom that you never had--and because of that I really do think you have made a neon dog to come ... just according to the time tested plan of what to do about ... my message.... that links all of these happenings to the prophetic writing of Phillip K. Dick and to a signature that really does show us the author of our timeline and America and this "story of Adam coming back to Eden" are all one in the same.


If you put "two and two together" and link "ch" to "sh" to the story of Passover (which comes from Exodus) and the story of a period of 4-D years wandering around in the desert of understanding... ending the "sh" with a "shout" of "Yo N" ends the Plague of Darkness with the .... with the... sight of a rising Son.  It takes us from a state of hidden slavery to an... Exodus from that, from lies to the truth, and from Hell to Heaven.... and who can tell, probably back to Earth... to change the world.

I think he wants me to tell you that all of this is a good idea, and that because of the outcome it's all worthwhile; and I'm not that person.  I can't stand what I see, and how I feel--and I want nothing more than us to be able to move past it.  I don't think it's a good plan, even if I do agree with the outcome, and seeing what the the plan really is should help us really understand that "the plan" is to ensure that this kind of plan never again gets ... repeated.   



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by join, I mean....

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 Related image 

For that to happen we really ha've to get the mess-age, not talking about this mess-age will definitely not help us build Heaven or ensure that we do not come back here again to re-try "winning" freedom from this place of strangely hidden slavery.  I'm really not sure why you don't see it as clearly as I do--but not seeing something this important, and this... pivotal to the success and future of "civilization itself" is unequivocal and undeniable proof that something is very wrong with the world today.  It's a message from God, about not ignoring the truth, and not letting things like freedom and communication just "disappear" into the air.  There is an ELE here, and it is "Silencenot Dumbo.  The elephant in the room is really here .... to help you save the day.  

Try doing... that. 
 (I am that... by the way.  I really am.)

Image result for dumboImage result for donkey 

The ELE is not caring about a message telling us that democracy is being corrupted and retarded in secret, that our minds--our thoughts and beliefs are being secretly altered--proving that these things are happening (without doubt) and showing us that delivering us from this problem is the purpose of religion and Exodus... truly of Creation.  Like I said the whole time, the ELE is apathy.

Honestly if you don't stop making that face it's going to stick like that.

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Tiny #chellos in the sky are playing angry melodies that make me wanna die.

I'M RIGHT...  S   E   R   I   O   U   S L  I  C  K SEE YOU ARE WHY


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