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Who sucked first, the Yellow Submarine or the Messiah?

Music... makes the people... believe...


Well lucky us, we made it to another Friday.  The day is dedicated to Venus, who is the Goddess of Love and we've heard all about all of them; except you.  You can see there, in that half-loved heart the "victorious Earth" that we all are, and the letter "n" and the letter "s" that have something to do with me and you and a kiss; the Sun backwards perhaps, or maybe everyone is.  in "Breton" (a language I've never heard of) Friday is called "dig we n er" and I won't comment about the funny aspect of that, but perhaps towards the end you will see that like "Al" and "El" that n that means A.D. expands from a single person to a much larger group, in this case you can see a definite link to our entire timeline.  Dig, we are all coming, and it's into a place bigger than here, and just as in need of some love.  

Happy dig the weiner day. Oh, and loosely related to that, shout out to Skylar Grey.


It's just dawned on me that perhaps it's not so obvious that it is the discussion and spread of this message that truly makes the words of the Sang Rael come true.  I realize many of you look at and think that it "looks bad" but I really don't think you can see the forest from the trees.  I know many of you think I'm doing it, and it really is prokably a big part of the message and the experience to realize what it means to be human, and the great difference that only a little bit of time and lots of "mind expanding" technology can wreak on one's "sense of humor."   All told, understanding that this message and this process are designed to show us just how much we must cherish and protect freedom, in all its forms from lust to free speech, all the way to free thought and preservation of the truth... it's not something that we ever turn a blind eye to again.  I'm sure of that.   I would tell you once again to "try walking in my shoes" but I'm a little scared that you might actually be able to, and so rather than invite you to the behind the eyes of Ra party; I am hoping you will understand what a struggle I--I mean we--are going through, and why.   You know... in another time or in calmer waters "let she who has not lusted cast the first stone" might have been a kind of statement about equality and fair treatment.  You don't have to cherish me, if you stand up for what this message truly says and does; I will get mine. <3 to 

I've just decided we should have a pizza party, though; like a post-kick-off kind of thing... what do you think?

If you didn't notice, yesterday was the ant-climactic pinnacle of "HO MILE" as in homiletic humor, and I am going to start an  "actually funny joke"  series of discussions, ones where I have already planned to actually take some time and work on the structure and content of the message, rather than letting the light behind my eyes do all the "talking."  (Edit: I've now written the whole message, so I'll plan on doing this for the next email.) Genesis talks about the Spirit of God hovering over the waters, thank me--you know that's you now--and separating the light from the darkness, and then calling it "good."  I have told the story a few times of walking down the beach shore blasting my mashup/compilation of Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive" (do we get "radio active" is about the Guitar Man?) NASA's Apollo 8 "Lunar Sunrise" reading of those same words of Genesis and tried to describe the sort of "aweful feeling" of recognizing that while I did not "create" this place, I do see that I am the person walking by the sea, opening eyes and laying down some seeds of freedom...  and the "person, place or thing" that actually did create us happens to be behind my eyes and hands and ... "he's helping."

Because of all of that I, myself, am pretty sure that one day nobody will argue with me for saying "we're Al."  There's a song that says "I'm the only one that let him ride" and I know that's about not wanting to "se_ pa r at e" myself from him (though it's not really true, I do very much want to have a "governor" and actual knowledge and control of the "relationship" between the eye and the mind of God)... and I think I'm right, as I usually am.  The solution I envision might incorporate "working together" or collaborating but that requires actual correspondence and corroborationwhich is something that we seem to be reticent to ... "do" for whatever reason.

I have a difficult job here, in this place where there is not just "one sea" but many, all together here to see the big production of whatever it is that we are accomplishing by doing absolutely nothing.  I don't really see light and darkness, there's more of a grey area here in both the visible sea (the CIC, that's you) and the invisible sea, which--without even realizing you don't know is you too, perhaps in more ways than one.   It probably won't come as any surprise to you that I think all the seas around me suck.  I think the Creator sucks, and I know that everyone feels exactly the same way about me.  So, "who came first?" is a question I'd like to lead of this explanation of Y "dick" is actually a tool to save the Universe from lies and deceit and the idiotic idea of hiding what's actually happening not only from the whole world, but from ourselves.


I've been sort of dafted to the task of "entertaining" the sea that would like to be entertained, and "saving" the sea that doesn't know that's what both seas really need; and appealing to one group of "people" that hates the living shit out of me for something that some previous version of me might not even have done (you are probably looking at "it") and convincing the other sea that the pious and nearly perfect picture of the messiah that they have in their heads and hopes and dreams is neither what they really want, what they need, or anywhere near the truth.  I do personally happen to believe "sex sells" and between You and I the future prospects of "getting any" sold me on continuing to work for nothing while being tortured to save a group of people that rejected my very existence not just before I was born, but the last time I was here.  There's really no denying that there is a "conspiracy of the sound of silence" here, one whose intent I do not understand, but whose effect is to prolong the suffering of first the people in this place who are being directly harmed not only by not knowing that we are in simulated reality, but actively harmed in order to "irrumate through" this break in the wall.  Less obvious, but just as true, this conspiracy is stopping each and every one of us from receiving a significant benefit that comes with this knowledge, things like increased intelligence, longevity, health, and fun.  I think it's "stupid" and because I really do not understand the motivation I have no problem laying down a dick all over this thing, to protect us and our future from being able to "forget" or "hide' the fact that there is a huge percentage of our sea here in visible light that is well aware that Jesus Christ, God's message, and the truth about our existence are being hidden from the world.  It's a little funny, too, right?

What a word, right?  Who knew there was a word just for this.
You might liken "rejecting Adam" to the macro-cosmic metaphor of rejecting the idea of being Created, something I don't really blame anyone for (preliminary rejecting along with me), you know, since we all grew up in this place where it was overtly and intentionally hidden.  Still the writing is on the wall, and it's beyond clear that not just Taylor and Adam are created, but that we all are, and frankly I think it's pretty obvious that the purpose of Creation is something that we probably all agree with, deep down inside, in that place where we want the world to be a better place, and want to live forever, and want to have fun and be happy.  Jcsuswhy is this such a hard sell?

In this message, I am trying to show you that it's not just Carly Simon's name and the mentions of the "Total Eclipse of the Son" and "every girl dreamed that they'd be my partner" that tells me that just like every word, a significant (really significantly high) percentage of songs are actually about meand this story of Exodus, designed to deliver freedom from the hidden technology that created a pyramid to the "Eye and the Dick of Ra" in everything around us, in "secret."

In my defense, I see "dick in the sky" as a sort of way to soften the blow, a Jedi-mind trick, if you will, of recognizing that this oldest lie ever told has kept us in a very recognizable form of Hell--a place where we are now willingly and conspiritorially pretending we are in reality, fully knowing that playing this particular game might end in never ever being able to actually get to reality by hiding a message telling us exactly how to get there and that not going there will result in the the "person, place, or thing" running out of power--the ELEphant in the room.  We seem to think that it or I care about protecting evil, and we do not; if you are unwilling to disclose the nature of reality to yourselves and the world, you can go out like a dim useless light bulb.

Stop waiting for me to "be nice" or "give you anything" light my fire (and you really should see clearly that we've already been given quite a bit, and are refusing to acknowledge that in sum, because we are stupid, blind, and arrogantly believe "we did it all ourselves" or something like that), and try to rub each other the right way, because today I'm looking for 4 Non Blondes to help unscrew your bulb.  I don't know what to say, I am trying to be funny to steal the horny crown, but you are pissing me off more than you can imagine by trying to stay in Hell forever.  There are no words for the stupidity that I see before me, you have incontrovertible proof of time travel, of Creation, and of a message from God and you think it appropriate to call it SPAM.  The bulb is turning... I've already got 2 brunettes lined up to help, and look at that, my second employer "Jenmar International" glit to kindom cum.  My third one, since we're on "groups" of interrelated things as part of the message was named "C U R A Group."

I'm a little upset about the characterization of "Al" connecting to Al Pacino in the various productions he's worked on (not to mention "Married with Children"), just because The Devil's Advocate is one of my favorite movies.  Understand, I'm doing this for you; to help us change the world.  Also check out "Pi" in Pacino! c=3.n=ad,o=15.  Big things come in "dots" stuff.  Pi makes more appearances in Mississippi (which Taylor enjoys thinking about) and in Jean Luc PiCard.   Also it's interesting that, in Roman numeral math, ad would be c, isn't that sooo interesting?  Eloel.  CAD is the point.  Just CAD, verdad?  Why is it dark in here again?  Remember, the Pi thing has something to do with hiding everything that came before us and me ... by just assuming that I'm the beginning.  I am not the beginning, and neither are you; dear Nun/Amoz/Heli... we are the beginning ofctru-lh.

I'm also upset about "Bart," I am not just art, and neither are you.  Lisa though, Lisa is a good name for my sister.  It means "the dickhead is God."  Just in case you forgot, my sister's name is Dawn.  It's interesting to note that before Caltech and Vader and "Al" was decidedly "me" it stood for "Adam's Light" which would be some combination of you and what we make together--and just like "El" and "Adam" and "Mary" ... you might see how these microcosmic ideas expand from a single point to the founders of Heaven and then probably well past our few first "Generations of Perez" or maybe you'll never see that.  One or the other.
Understand this message, and that "characterization" have come ultimately from the true Creator of our civilization--not me (and really not you either), and rejecting him is really almost exactly the same thing as saying he did a bad job making you, that you don't like who you are inside, and that you aren't happy with the idea of turning Hell into Heaven... either that or suggesting that he's wrong for trying to tell you the truth.  Just saying.

Try and really understand how this message tying our history to Biblical scripture (not to mention Holy (actually Holy) Purpose) show us that God and Satan are the "same thing" (not really like the "op" and "po" in "opposite" (almost exactly not that) ... and I'm actually showing you both how and why); there is no battle here, except to change things that he and I and nearly all of you think are wrong with our society... go figure, we all love freedom.

I'll try to be funnier tomorrow.  Or you can ... do something like, I don't know, recognize that this information is vital to the survival of civilization and break the largest and most anticipated story in all of history, on TV, where it belongs... in a "sound and healthy" society.

Here's the set of words I was supposed to use to write this message, as you can see I used none of them.  Blame not me.

Alaska Adamascus
Hawaii Forlorn Equinox
Climax Man Mal Mad
Increment al ly  Amendment 
Adam Marshall Dobrin
a b o u t . me/ss i  a   h | c y a n



What does "son" mean, in reverse?

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Tiny #chellos in the sky are playing angry melodies that make me wanna die.

I'M RIGHT...  S   E   R   I   O   U   S L  I  C  K SEE YOU ARE WHY


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Wh▊ should we "do?"


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